Simbol Int Bonanova

Strategic planning

Economic outlook

Strategic Goals

Consolidate the activities and economic model

  • Maintaining economic sustainability

  • Promotion of information and guidance service

  • Definition of services portfolio

  • Supporting the qualification accreditation service

  • Promote knowledge transfer

Internal process perspective

Strategic Goals

Develop unique operating model that allows center to respond to Mar Health Park, , and CRN


  • Implementation of a new functional organization

  • Definition and dissemination of a new model of leadership

  • Information system integration

Learning and knowledge perspective

Strategic Goals

Promote quality


  • Improvement of work efficiency

  • Improvement of quality in the classroom

  • Improving the competence of the team

  • Encourage relations with European centers and projects

  • Promoting innovation

Stakeholders view

Strategic Goals

Promote relationships and partnerships with stakeholders


  • Development of projects with other institutions

  • Development of new agreements relating services portfolio.


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